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Repair & Reline Services

Accidents happen. If you’ve damaged your dentures, our team at Digital Denture Centre can help. We offer a comprehensive denture repair service, including repairs to cracked, chipped and broken dentures. The daily wear and tear of dentures can take its toll, which is why we also offer a denture reline service to extend the life of your dentures and ensure they continue to fit comfortably.

Our dental prosthetists can repair full, partial and immediate dentures. For all your denture repair needs in Bendigo, call our clinic today on 03 5454 3997. We’ll have you smiling again in no time.

Common Denture Issues

Your dentures are designed to hold up to the daily rigours of chewing, grinding and talking. However, they’re not indestructible. Over time, your dentures may need to be repaired or replaced due to:

  • Wear & tear: Just like natural teeth, dentures can suffer from wear and tear. The daily grinding of your teeth can gradually break down the material of your dentures, making them thinner and weaker over time.
  • Cracked or broken base: The base of your dentures is made from a hard, durable material. But if you drop your dentures or accidentally sit on them, the base can become cracked or broken.
  • Chipped tooth: If you bite down on something hard or grind your teeth at night, your dentures can become chipped or broken.
  • Broken metal clasps: If your dentures have metal clasps, they can become bent, broken or fall off.

As your gums and jawbone change over time, your dentures may no longer fit as snugly as they used to. This can cause irritation and discomfort and may also lead to your dentures slipping or falling out. We can reline ill-fitting dentures to improve their stability, suction and comfort.

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Our Services & Product Guarantee

We create all of our digital dentures to the highest standard using the latest technology and materials. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our dentures that we offer free accidental repairs on any dentures crafted by our prosthetists. Whether you’ve got a chipped tooth, snapped metal clips or a broken pallet, we can fix it at no cost to you.

Drop into our clinic and speak to our friendly team about our denture repair and reline services. If you require emergency repairs, please let us know so we can organise a priority appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you should not try to repair your denture yourself. Denture repairs are best carried out by a qualified dental professional. ‘Quick fix’ solutions using standard adhesives–such as superglue–can cause further damage to your denture and may be dangerous to your health.

The frequency of denture relining will depend on the individual. However, it is generally recommended that your denture be relined every two to three years.

A denture repair is necessary when there is damage to the denture, e.g., a crack or chip. A denture reline is carried out when the fit of the denture has changed due to changes in the shape of your mouth.

If you think your denture is loose, please get in touch with a dental professional as soon as possible. A loose denture can cause irritation and sores in your mouth and may lead to other problems if not corrected.

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